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Time Bomb - Ataraxia (2021)
Стиль: Deathcore / Mathcore / Experimental
Формат: MP3 / FLAC
1. Grim Repercussions
2. Pepto Abysmal (feat. Hayley Elizabeth Bender of Thotcrime)
3. Father Time’s My Only Relative (feat. Chris Dearing of The Sound That Ends Creation)
4. Pandora Unboxing Video
5. Don't Tell Me How To Die (feat. Andrew Rodriguez of Bookburner)
6. Bartenderizer (feat. Jacob Lee of Elder Devil)
7. Another Failed Attempt To Turn Subjective Emotions Into Tangible Concepts
8. Titus Androgynous
9. My Battery Is Low and It’s Getting Dark
28 ноября 2023
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